Too busy writing…

I’ve completed tons of work, and have had zero time for blogging…


Introducing Brawly

  Who is Brawly? Brawly is not a boxer, really, as much as he’s a brawler. He tries diligently to please others but he can’t fight his wild spirit or his bad upbringing. Oakland is his home town and he thrives in the crime riddled environment. ¬†He keeps up with trouble and neglects positive advice. […]


There is more to come!

Let me explain… In my Kevin Hart Voice I am currently self employed. I opened a daycare at my house. Yay Busy Bees! This is since January. Well, I had only one kid for a while so I was ¬†painfully broke for maybe, 2 or 3 weeks. Then I got another! Yay, then one left […]