Everything happens for a reason: A lesson

My last post was very timely… So remember the story I was talking about in my last post…. Well, I was scouting around for somewhere to submit that story, even before I submitted it to those editors. I found a perfect anthology about Domestic Violence that the story would fit into but the deadline was […]


Lovers Quarrel

So, I think IĀ announcedĀ a few months ago that I was having a story published. Yea well that went down the drain…   The issue wasn’t like the picture above, but I liked the picture. lol. I’ll make this story short because I’m so over it. The publisher asked me to make changes and I was […]


Ready to Publish!

So I have finally decided to self publish and I have finally decided what I want to self publish…. A book of short stories and poetry by myself. Previously published and unpublished work. Might want to introduce another author too, but I’m thinking about it. What do you all think?