Full Service List

Idea Development

1 hour minimum. This Zoom chat will help you flesh out an idea and discover its viability as a published or queried work. Not all stories should be brought to market, but some stories just need a little thought to elevate them. Bring your early idea, and through Q&A you will learn the depths of your characters, where your plot can go, and what length your story could be if released. Topics can also include tropes related to the idea, discussions of similar ideas and how to make your idea stand out as well as sensitivity suggestions.

Outline Creation

1 hour minimum. This Zoom chat will uncover the best way to help you organize your work. After reviewing strengths and weaknesses in the area, tips, tricks and tools will be shared and an outline can be created during the session (full or partial).

Beta Reading

Beta Reading services are free, space is very limited for readings. Readings typically take 1-2 months to complete and will be conducted via email. Working with track changes to the manuscript is preferred but all methods are acceptable for delivering feedback. A Zoom meeting may be schedule for help with development or clarification. 6-10 manuscripts will be selected each year. Smaller manuscripts and chapter reads can be completed during the year as well. Please contact Tiffany regarding your project.

Basics of Author Branding

30 minutes minimum. This Zoom chat will start with a knowledge assessment. What do you know about branding? Then a discussion about your ideas for branding and how to make that a reality! Tips, tricks and resources will be offered as well as sensitivity suggestions as needed.

Marketing Chat

2 hour minimum. This Zoom chat will start with a knowledge assessment. What do you know about book marketing? What have you tried? Questions about what’s stoping you from marketing, internal fears, external hurdles will be fleshed out. Then a discussion about your brand and goals will help to form suggestions and a plan for marketing. Topics can include social media strategies, branding, mailing list, etc.

Mailing List Chat

30 minutes minimum. An exclusive conversation on tips and tricks to start or revitalize your mailing list.

How can I help?

Is the service you need not on the list? Feel free to reach out to Tiffany to chat about what you need. She may be able to help or provide you with free resources via email.