Life Journal

What you don’t know…

Could fill a book? Won’t hurt you? I don’t know about that, but we all have somethings we need to learn. I am an avid learner and researcher. I can’t tell you how many times I google things during the day. And it shocks me that other people are cool being ignorant to information. No […]


34 years old and counting

Today is my birthday. I’m excited. Really. lol. My birthday is part of the reason I am relaxing more about goals and perfectionism. It’s also why I need to relax more. When I turned 29, I literally freaked out. I had (have) no real retirement, nothing to my name and no plan for making sure […]


Kill them all…

Haven’t posted since 2015. Sorry bout that. I’ve literally been doing sooooo much. Moved back to California in April of that year. Worked a “demanding” 9-5 where I quickly gained 2 promotions. (When I wrote MT1, I worked from home…) Opened a budding Jewelry business. Started a Master’s degree in Communications. Started a new relationship. […]