Author of Crime fiction.

There is more to come!

Let me explain… In my Kevin Hart Voice I am currently self employed. I opened a daycare at my house. Yay Busy Bees! This is since January. Well, I had only one kid for a while so I was  painfully broke for maybe, 2 or 3 weeks. Then I got another! Yay, then one left […]


Book Cover Release!

So, My lovely, wonderful and amazing publisher has permitted me to share my book cover with you guys first!! I’m super excited. It should be ready to show in a week! Make sure you’re following and/or subscribed so you wont miss it! More excited images! 



Not like me to do two posts in one day!! But I wanted to read some of my work (is that weird?) and realized that a lot of the links are dead! This last one is a short story “Puff” published on The Scarlet Sound in June 2011. Hope you enjoy. Puff Nya walked out […]


Attention Costs

Sooooooooooooo, sometimes magazines fall apart. Anyone who goes to my publications will see that my poem “Attention Costs” is no longer available online. The website for  Daily Love Magazine is closed. So, I want to make sure folks can read my work. Below is my poem Attention Costs which was originally published by in […]