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An the winner is…

Thank you to all of you who participated in my contest! I decided to be more a little more intimate and announce winners by email only. If you were on the edge of your seat to see who won, you can sit back now. lol. Winners, you know who you are! Congratulations!


Pay Me Right!

This one is for my author friends! But you readers should pay attention too. Raise your hand if you give your books away for free. I see a few of you raising your hands. So why do you do that? Okay, speak up! You do it to gain a readership? To create exposure? To get […]



CONTEST TIME! Michael Taylor and his fellow detectives at the PD have a lot of facts and information they have to gather in each case. On top of that, Oakland California is abundant with statistics that make it a haven for crime buffs. Tiffany wants to reward 5 of you crime lovers with a FREE […]