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Cover Reveal: SHE

Book 4 in the Michael Taylor Series is here! Thanks to Enticing Journeys for once again putting together an awesome cover reveal! I say this in every post, but I’ll say it again! Please seek publicity for yourself. It warms my heart to do cover reveals, book tours, and blitz because I know I am helping your […]


Query Journal

Hey guys! I’m about to start my query journey so I want to keep a journal! There will be brief updates here, not like a long-winded blog post but just date and progress. Stay tuned and enjoy! I won’t be sharing any information about the book details here because I don’t want to run into […]


Retweet Squad!

If you didn’t know, I’m the Editor in Chief at Rebellion LIT, an Indie Publishing House. We’re doing something groundbreaking in November and this go-round, I’m looking for some Super Readers to share the news! We’re having a GIANT sale this holiday shopping season and we need some folks to help spread the word. This sale includes: […]


How’s everything?

Gosh, I’m tired. My expectations for myself are really high. I don’t feel I’m meeting my potential in many aspects of my life right now. Not in a hopeless way but in a wanting to push myself harder way… I know I can do more and be better but… let’s see… what’s the list of […]