Book Review: Stolen

Stolen by K.A. Woodford is a classic Crime Fiction style novel with investigation, a glimpse into the antagonist and action scenes that will satisfy crime fiction lovers.

Stolen by [KA Woodford]
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Title: Stolen
Author: K.A. Woodford
Release: January 2021
Genre: Crime Fiction
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Jenna Brandt can’t stay out of trouble for five minutes. When she sees one of her friends about to be abducted, she launches into action not thinking of the consequences. Detective Sergeant David Sawran doesn’t know what to think; troublemaker or daredevil. The vehicle she stole has evidence from a cold case fifteen years and fifteen hundred miles away causing Sawran and the original detective to team up hoping they can catch a killer before he finds Jenna.

The plot of this book was a big endeavor for Woodford. It goes from what seems like just a creepy guy, creeping out girls, to a huge man hunt. With a plot that vast, there is a lot to see! The start of the book was very exciting for me and the book continued with ups and downs that included textbook crime fiction scenes which I loved, and even some scenes that followed the antagonist. Woodford hit every note and represented crime fiction with some of the best elements of the genres.

I have to admit, I wasn’t totally connected to any of the characters. They were well developed, but no one was like my favorite or one that I felt I knew the best. I wanted to like Jenna, the mentioned main character, but I just didn’t attach to her. Maybe I’m a little evil, because I felt of each group represented in the story, the antagonist was the most complex and gave me the biggest feeling of suspense when I was in the chapters that featured antagonists. The bad guys were fun for me! Despite the evil they perpetrated.

The world in this book was our world and it felt like that. The book moved from location to location quickly in some cases and in those moments there is less details but I believe this is expected in such situations. In other situations where the characters spent a long time in one area, Woodford does a great job of grounding us in the setting and helping us see where we are.

Woodford’s writing style was easy to read as far as word choice, just like I enjoy, but there was some tense confusion. Past and present tense seemed to be intermixed but I couldn’t tell if it was for the purposes of the story. In some cases a story moves from past and present as a form of storytelling but I don’t think that was the purpose here, at least as a reader I didn’t perceive it that way. Outside of that, I was comfortable with the reading. Dialogue was good, could have used some contractions to make it seem more natural but the reading was easy to get through and helped me focus on the plot.

I would recommend this book for anyone whose read crime fiction before. It has the elements that we want in a crime fiction novel and with an action packed plot it was an enjoyable read.

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