Book Review: All Apart of the Chaos

All Apart of the Chaos is a Sports Fiction novel with so much accuracy and heart that I fell in love with everyone and everything about this story.

All Apart Of The Chaos by [Bubba Griggs]

Title: All Apart of the Chaos
Author: Bubba Griggs
Release: October 2019
Genre: Sports Fiction
Goodreads Link: Here

Born into a tight-knit wrestling family, Ryder is ecstatic when he gets a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity at a shot at the FAW Title. As a wrestler, Ryder lives and dies by the sell, the act of making wrestling look believable to the audience. Armed with his wrestling persona of “Thunderbolt Ryder” and his blue tights, he sets out to cement his legacy as the best wrestler in the world. But not if chaos has anything to say about it. With the title match fast approaching, Ryder meets and quickly forms a bond with Amira. Being fake doesn’t get you anywhere with love and Ryder soon finds out that even in wrestling, you can’t sell the way of the heart.

Starting with characters, Griggs did an amazing job. I loved every character, and all of their flaws. I related to them and rooted for them. Ryder was perfectly portrayed as a man with deep wounds but also perfect at “selling”. Additionally his relationships spoke deeply to the man he was or could be. His love interest was sweet and stedfast. She was a nice anchor for such a chaotic lifestyle portrayal. Then there were the fighters. The fun list of Ryder’s fellow wrestlers with their multitude of personalities really brought me back to WWE, AEW, NJPW, and every other professional wrestling company. Away from the ring though, they were all real.

I thought the world Griggs presented was very realistic. First, being based in places like grocery stores and common homes, I was able to find grounding. The environments were rich and very easy to see. Then there were unfamiliar locations like professional locker rooms, and fight venues. Without turning to stage directions, Griggs was able to describe and introduce us to these locations effectively.

I enjoyed the very sweet plot of this story. Romance aside, I loved the friendships among the wrestlers and how they supported each other. As a big fan of wrestling, I know that fighters often have long term rivalries and its kinda cool to see the backstage and be reminded that these men and women are actually co-workers and friends. They aren’t stalking around, hating each other all day long. This fun glimpse into their world was a big part of the plot and I really enjoyed it.

The biggest theme in this book is change. Basically every main character went through some kind of change and I really think that Griggs nailed the struggles and triumph associated with personal change. Change is really hard and these characters did not go quietly into their change, again adding a layer of development to each character. I especially enjoyed seeing Cole’s transformation and he was my favorite character.

Griggs has an easy to read writing style and I was really happy with how well he explained everything with wrestling terminology specifically. You DON’T need to know about wrestling to enjoy this book. There is literally a Glossary and Griggs explains the matches perfectly. He also doesn’t over power us with ring talk and saves the deep details for the right time.

I truly enjoyed this book and can’t say enough good things about it. I recommend this book for anyone who is interested in being introduced to Sports Fiction as well as readers who are already familiar with the genre. Griggs has done an excellent job guiding us through and reinforcing our love of the sport!

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