Book Review: Dark

Dark by Kat Kinney is a Fantasy Romance with a lot of excellent things such as werewolves, coffee and rock and roll! This story is steamy and the romance element is a good contrast to the element of danger presented along side.

Dark: A Paranormal Shifter Romance (Blood Moon, Texas Shifters Book 1) by [Kat Kinney]

Title: Dark
Author: Kat Kinney
Release: August 2019
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Goodreads Link: Here

When Hayden Crowe shows up on Ethan Caldwell’s doorstep, newly changed and in danger after she’s attacked in an alley after a gig and bitten by a feral werewolf, Ethan defies his father’s orders to stay away. Someone in the paranormal community is hunting her, and hell if he’s going to fail her again.

The characters in this story were very well developed, even though I did find Ethan’s story stronger than Hayden. I assume Kinney intended to make the two main characters equally as important but the use of back stories for Ethan definitely made his story stand out as more detailed. Overall, I enjoyed both characters and their relationship had just enough complexity for me.

The world our characters are in is basically our own world, the only difference is the vampires and werewolves have been outed! So, imagine a world where these creatures have been living behind closed doors, even raising children, and all of a sudden their existence is made a reality to normal humans. This is what makes the world unique. Kinney does an excellent job of integrating the idea of fear and loathing in her characters without making it frustrating for the reader. I enjoyed seeing these characters manage their differences in a world just like my own.

The plot of this story was fun. I love a good mystery and Kinney does an excellent job combining the mystery of Hayden’s attack with the romance of Hayden and Ethan. There is also the back story, as I mentioned before, which adds more to the depth of the story. Backstory can sometimes weigh a story down but Ethan’s backstory was perfectly organized and only adds to the story. This book does have many love scenes. It’s definitely steamy. I don’t think this distracts from the story.

Themes of trust are I think the biggest presented. While Hayden and Ethan are dealing with the danger in Hayden’s life, they have to trust each other, and decide who they can trust outside of each other. There are family and friends involved but the society they live in makes it hard for the two to really know who they can trust.

I really wanted to discuss the writing style in this book. Kinney made me laugh so much with this book. She uses appropriate levels of slang to match the characters and gives them funny nicknames to connect us to them. The text in the eBook has italics and caps used for important emphasis as well as using punctuation in unique ways. Kinney allows the characters to “live” through the use of very a visual writing style. The book is in first person which I am not a huge fan of but with these added touches, it really made the writing reflect the world of the characters.

Overall, I enjoyed this book. Anyone looking for a new and interesting take on Vampire and Werewolf culture will like this book.

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