Book Review: Pleasurable Consequences

Pleasurable Consequences by J.C. Maine is a book that explores the complications of infidelity from the perspective of someone who seems unaware that his actions have consequences for not just himself.

Pleasurable Consequences by [J.C. Maine]
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Title: Pleasurable Consequences
Author: J.C. Maine
Release: March 2020
Genre: African American Romance, Erotic
Goodreads Link: Here

Alex Emerson is a married man with two kids. He’s got a good job, owns a house, and drives a luxury car. His friends Malik and DQ are always there for him when he needs them. And his wife, Sheila, loves him and appreciates the amount of work he does at his job to provide for his family. Alex’s job, however, is not the only work he does. While his wife is home taking care of the kids, he’s taking care of the multiple women he talks to on the side. So far, he’s done a masterful job of hiding his secret affairs from his wife. The question is, how long can he live this type of life without consequences? Will Alex continue to live the good life despite his infidelities? Or will his sins cause him to lose everything in the process?

The plot of this story is highly relatable. I think, especially in this day and age, a lot of couples are experiencing divorce at a rapid rate and more young people are skipping marriage all together. In both cases, infidelity can be an issue. This book explores the idea of how that can affect people on all three sides of a love triangle. Even though, in this book the love turns into a shape with a lot more sides… This book has sex but I actually think the scenes were written well and they were appropriately placed. It wasn’t erotic in a way that every single instance was sexual. There was a lot of plot that wasn’t erotic and the erotic scenes were used as needed to make the authors point.

I have to admit that I hated the main character in this story, but I think this has so much to do with the fact that Maine wrote the character very well. He is the type of slimy character that my 36 year old self wouldn’t touch with a ten foot poll. He is the kind of character that I might have been attracted to in my twenties but as a mature adult woman who has seen her share of scumbags, this guy is a true scumbag. The definition of a scumbag. His wife I initially thought was a bit naive but getting to know her character through the story helped me understand her motivation for dealing with Alex for so long.

I wanted a little more from world building in this book. More sensory descriptions of the surroundings like sights, sounds, smells, textures. There were a lot of settings in the story but there were also some more common settings that we were in all the time and I didn’t always feel grounded.

The themes in this book focus a lot on relationships and infidelity. As I said before, the deeper point of this book is the idea of how everyone is affected by infidelity, how things can spiral and it makes the reader wonder if redemption is possible and real after everything the characters went through. This book was easy to read, not a lot of fluff or filler and it was easy to follow as far as the plot was concerned. Definitely would recommend it to someone open to an erotic story with a strong plot and message.

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