Book Review: The Child of the Universe

The Child of the Universe is a poetry book that uses easy to read language, even though the words are still artistic and the author paints a nice picture.

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Title: The Child of the Universe
Author: Riya Shah (Ray)
Release: November 20, 2020
Genre: Poetry

Shah displays a genuineness in her writings which makes the collection easy to connect with. The book is very personal and I can tell the author put herself into every verse. The poems are short, sweet & to the point.

My favorite poem is “Painting the Sky”. Shah describes lovely memories of her life through the idea of changing the colors of the sky. It is a unique take on two very beautiful things. Shah doesn’t hold back on the pain she has experienced either. In Unblemished Sun she shows us things about love that we may not want to face but the poem still reads like a gentle reminder that somethings need to be let go.

The other thing I liked about this book was that the poet includes images throughout. These images only enhance the book and they are very beautiful. They fit the theme of the poems included and they give a great feeling of connectedness to the words.

Overall, this book is a good introduction to the poet.

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