Book Review: Adam’s Witness

Adam’s Witness by J.C. Paulson is a police procedural with a splash of investigative journalism. Don’t forget the romance!

Adam's Witness: A Thrilling Mystery, Crime and Romance Novel (Adam and Grace Book 1) by [J.C. Paulson]
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Det. Sgt. Adam Davis is faced with a tricky case involving a bishop, a journalist and a member of the Pride Chorus. Is the case motivated by a hate crime? Or is it something deeper, more rooted in the church?

I love police procedurals and Paulson has nailed it. I love how deep we are allowed to get into the case from a police perspective, but wait! There is more! If you love investigation, why not couple police procedural with investigative journalism?

We are fortunate to have not only Det. Sgt. Davis, but also Grace Rampling, a journalist with the local paper who is very invested in the case. I won’t spoil it, but please know, Grace is so important.

Together, these two are chasing a killer each using their specialized skills, while also fighting some… urges… that I won’t get into. No spoilers!

Overall, this book is easy to read, which is a big deal for me. The characters are very, very relatable. Paulson treats them like good friends. We understand their struggles, we know them well and I do enjoy them all. I’d say the only character I didn’t get to know where some of the employees who worked with Grace and one particular officer who was working undercover on the case. I liked her character a lot but didn’t get a full picture of her.

Overall, I would highly recommend this read. Paulson does a great job with every element and this is an excellent introduction to the series!

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