Book Review: Impact: A Riverdale PD Series Prequel

In this prequel, the characters really shine. Author J.I. O’Neal has done a great job in a short 126 pages.

Impact: A Riverdale PD Series Prequel by [J.I. O'Neal]
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I loved this book. I had a chance to meet the author and interview her through Rebellion Lit and it was so refreshing to then read this book, learn her style and meet her characters “in person”.

This book is police procedural which is my absolute favorite. Riverdale PD is full of solid investigators and the characters are fleshed out well. They have lives, they have trials and tribulations and they are tough! I enjoy the relationship between Noah Harkham and Alan Franks. It reminds me of my own series partners. The dynamic is challenging, but also makes sense considering the men’s lives and their personal experiences. It makes them feel very real.

I would have liked a little more details on each setting, especially the police floor, however, this was not a concern. The characters are so rich and fully written that I really lived vicariously through them.

Now, the plot… I have to admit, I thought it would be familiar to me. I read tons of crime books as well as watching shows and movies, so I’ve seen many crimes and motives. The story starts with a crime I’ve seen before, but it’s the twists and turns that really make it feel like a unique crime. There are lots of players involved and there is one character who we assume is a player, but is he really?

Overall this was a very good read. It was smart, easy to read and O’Neal does an excellent job of crafting characters we can connect to!

Highly recommended!

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