Book Review: Undying Love

This book is a whirlwind, but stick with it and you WILL NOT be disappointed.

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Sam . has come with another short story that takes us through the lives of his characters seamlessly and poetically. Although this book is worded in verse with smart rhymes to be found everywhere, it is a STORY and entertains tremendously. There is no doubt that Sam . whips these verses into a narrative with delicate care.

Mason, Martha and Angela are in deep. Deep love, deep trouble, deep anguish. This story has themes of love, betrayal, heartbreak, hate and crime fiction themes that I won’t delve into because I’d hate to spoil it. I am most impressed with this story because Sam . has taken madness and portrayed it on every level from basic anger, like being mad, to complete insanity, like utter madness and it comes on as smooth as butter on toast.

This tragic romance is horrific, but in a good way! Sam . takes a common love issue, as well as a common crime trope, and turns it on its head in a way that you will never imagine. The pain of the characters is felt, in more ways than one, and you will be sucked in.

I highly recommend this book! Stay focused and enjoy the ride.

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