Book Review: Penterature

The best thing about this book is the vast differences between each story.

Penterature: 5 Short Stories of Crime & Justice by [Elliot Stevens]
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Stevens has curated a collection of his writing that is surprising in its range. Going from straight, militant combat to party treats, and even covering love in a crime-riddled time is done very well. Stevens writing style is clear and concise, he doesn’t use complicated words and phrases and the stories are easy to read and get attached to. In some instances, I wanted more descriptions but overall, the book was well written.

My favorite story was the first, but the other stories were just as entertaining. I was able to finish the book quickly and I wasn’t left with unanswered questions or the agitation that sometimes comes with a book that leaves readers hanging. All the stories were wrapped up nicely!

I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in checking out some crime fiction that doesn’t confine itself to car chases and stakeouts. This book shows crime in a very broad and enlightened way!

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