Book Review: The Unsteady Object of Hope

Robert writes this book as if it were a painting.

The Unsteady Object of Hope: A Unique Small Town Crime Novel by [Robert Raker]
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The strong details, the intense descriptions all make this book stunning, incredibly visible and spine chilling in some cases. The bold and intelligent language he uses makes the people, relationships and situations jump off the page.

For the same reasons, as a parent and teacher, this book was a little challenging for me to read. The Agent was definitely the hardest part for me but it was also one of the best portions of the story. The Agent could have been a book on its own. What a strong and solid story in itself. Outside of that, my favorite section was The Musician. That character was so tortured and complex and I loved it. Understandably, this book is fiction, however, Robert does such an amazing job of writing the realism and he does not hold back the details of the crime. This makes the world he paints very vivid and easy to feel like you are really there.

This book was written in 8 parts which I have seen before in other books but I had a hard time getting through the sections without any additional chapter breaks. The organization of the book was perfect with each story adding to the last and it wasn’t confusing at all, but as a slow reader, I definitely tether myself to those chapters as a way to pause and reel myself back in from the tension that stories often have and that was missing for me. I like my stories to be more concise but that’s a personal preference.

Robert did an excellent job creating relationships. The intimate relationships were all very deep – for the better or the worse. That was important for this book and i think he really nailed it.

All and all, I would recommend this book but with a note that it is not for the faint of heart.

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