Book Review: A Surplus of Light

Chase Connor has written one of the most touching romances I’ve read in so long.

A Surplus of Light: A Gay Coming-of-Age Tale by [Chase Connor]
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Romance is not my favorite genre by any stretch of the imagination so I was very intrigued by the book but I wasn’t expecting anything amazing.

Well, was I wrong. I absolutely loved the characters, ALL OF THEM. This is rare in a book for me. All of the characters played their roles perfectly and I was even entranced with the backstory of bullies. Chase touched everything and everyone with his smart scene setting and touching emotional exposure.

Again, I am not a fan of romance, but man, these two really touched my heart. There was just enough love, pain and pleasure to really make me invested in the characters without being overwhelmed by mushy, lovey dovey stuff. The love was earned in this book. It didn’t fall from the sky and it wasn’t perfect. That’s what I loved about it!

Highly recommended read! My only complaint… I wanted it to be longer! It was a quick read. Read it in one night!


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