Book Review: Heroes of the Carolyngian Age

I have read many of Joseph’s books and this one was a super fun adventure.

Heroes of the Carolyngian Age by [Joseph S Samaniego]
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You don’t have to read his books in order to get into these short stories and really enjoy them. They are an excellent intro to the worlds in his many novels.

My favorite thing about Joseph’s work is his delicate care of female characters. The women are queens and warriors. They are real with flaws and strengths just like all of us. Their determination makes me proud to be a woman. The women are crafty, resourceful, sometimes diabolical but also motherly, loving, and vulnerable. Joseph has done an amazing job showing the frailty of his characters but giving them the fighting strength to accomplish anything.

This book is an excellent introduction to not only Joseph’s characters but to Fantasy and War stories. I have NEVER been into war but I do love a good fight scene and Joseph is excellent at creating dynamic duals and large scale battles. The dialogue is crisp and the worlds are epic.

Highly recommended!


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