Book Review: The Queen of War: A legend of the Carolyngian Age

The Queen of War was one of the first war books that I read for leisure. I actually don’t care for war and strategy very much but this book was very enjoyable!

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My favorite part was the development of the female characters. I will be honest, I didn’t connect with the male characters as much but it may be because I am a female and those kick-butt lady characters just fed my soul! The heroines were all excellent representatives of female strength and nobility.

I enjoyed the war strategy as well, as it was brief and concise. It didn’t bore me. The book also has maps which were enjoyable and aided me in understanding the story.

The only downside to this book for me was hard to explain but the story had a few different climaxes. There were a few spots where I thought the story could have ended but it continued on through time and events. There is nothing wrong with this but I think there is a certain way this has to be done in order to keep the reader from being confused. I think the author could consider breaking those up into “parts” 1, 2 and 3 to help organize the reader.

I would totally recommend this book! I have such a warm feeling about the characters and really enjoyed the combat scenes as well.

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