The Scary Genre: UPDATE

I am so excited to write my Romance story now. After talking to a few friends, checking out a few books and doing some research, I am very happy with my outline and I am so ready to get started! I decided to challenge myself, and here I am actually giddy to write the story. That’s what growth and pushing yourself is all about.

I am restraining myself right now though, because I am finally going to be able to finish Completion which, if you’ve been following me long enough, you would know I started in April 2019. It is UNHEARD OF that I haven’t finished this story yet… In the time since I started it, I’ve written FOUR novels or novellas, so it ain’t because I can’t write. I’m not blocked by any definition of the syndrome.

I just couldn’t freaking writing this story and I let other projects take my interest. I do love the characters in this story, dearly, but they were all wrong, and now that I have them in line, I’m not going to let my romance idea get in the way of this manuscript.

With all that, I just wanted to say, I’m super excited to write romance!

And I want to give a thank you to Sherri who actually had some profound things to say to me about romance and who is a damn good writer herself!

Thank you!

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