Books and Business

If you believe writing should ONLY be about passion and authors shouldn’t care about making money… this post is not for you.

Let’s agree to disagree.

I am an advocate for authors getting paid for their work. Period.


Have you written a story before?? It’s maddening. Especially for people like me who have anxiety and want to present our very best work at all costs. We put a lot of ourselves in the work, and spend tons of our free time and energy creating our best work.

Why should we then give it away for free?

That’s like asking van Gogh, Monet or Warhol to just give away everything they created. You’d never ask a painter or sculptor to give away all their work without pay, or for less than they believe it’s worth.

Writing is clearly a business. Authors and readers alike should understand this. The literature industry is called an industry for this reason. Ever hear of Barnes and Nobles?

Okay, rant over.

Business expenses for an author:

  • Editor Services – ugh, expensive
  • Ink and Paper
  • Electricity
  • Electronics – laptop, tablet
  • Other Services – apps, word processors, memberships
  • Coffee? lol

I’m not even going to talk living expenses, because most authors have to work at least part time to pay for their living.

Either way, even at a minimum, authors need stuff and junk. Why shouldn’t their hard work pay for that?


Your work is a BUSINESS. In many cases, it’s a sole proprietorship called [AUTHORS NAME HERE]. Like, my business is called Tiffany Christina Lewis. If you treat your business as anything less, you will get less for your work.

If you’re not editing, your work won’t be well received. If you’re not paying attention to details, your queries and submissions will be ignored. If your cover art is shabby, you will be judged negatively. If you are not studying book marketing, you will sell nothing.

Author friends:

Please treat your writing like a business. Give your best, work with purpose and ask for what you are worth.

Love, Tiffany

Thank you for reading.

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