Who knew?

This post contains spoilers.

When Inside Out was first released, I had a reader visit my Facebook page and ask me a question. His question and my response contain some spoilers so please read with caution, if you care. lol.

Also, you can read an excerpt of both books here and then there wont be spoilers. lol.

SPOILER: Doesn’t it seem a little improbably that Michael won’t have sex with his stripper girlfriend? I mean, their relationship was founded on sexuality.


Good call Mr. Reader.

I responded with some silly answer, but it wasn’t until today that I realized how right he really was. It was really weird that my MC (main character) wouldn’t go all the way with his girlfriend. She was clearly hot for him, cared about him a lot and they were in a fully committed relationship. He’s not chaste, has no STD’s, and he damn sure thought she was hot too. What was the issue?

This my friends. Is why it took me. FOUR YEARS. To write my sequel.

My sequel started THREE TIMES with them finally consummating their relationship and three times I threw that shit away. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS BOOK!!!???

It was that. Their relationship. One day I was just musing on my MC, because he is the important one, and all of a sudden I literally said—

“I don’t like how he gets about her.”

If you don’t speak jealousy, what that meant was that I didn’t like their relationship. I didn’t like the way he swooned over her and loved her aggressively. Why? I don’t know, but when I discovered that feeling, it was a wrap!

I wrote that thang in a month. No seriously, after I eliminated their relationship with extreme prejudice, I literally wrote the whole book in one month. The dam broke.

Long story short: Sometimes it’s not what you need to add to your story but what you need to take away. Don’t be afraid to let things go… including characters and relationships.

Love, Tiffany

Thank you for reading.

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