Michael Taylor and his fellow detectives at the PD have a lot of facts and information they have to gather in each case. On top of that, Oakland California is abundant with statistics that make it a haven for crime buffs.

Tiffany wants to reward 5 of you crime lovers with a FREE copy of her new novella Inside Out, but you’re gonna have to channel your inner Michael Taylor to get it!

1st place will receive an autographed copy of Inside Out and a 20$ Amazon Gift Card!

2nd place will receive an autographed copy of Inside out.

3rd – 5th place will receive Kindle or Nook copies of Inside Out.

Submit your answers to the following questions below.  Make sure you put a NUMBER next to each of your answers so we will know which question you are addressing. Your entry will not count if the answers are not number! The first 5 to get all the answers right will get prizes in the order that their entry was received. Be quick about it! You only have until April 9th, 2014 to submit your answers! Winners will be announced April 10th, 2014 !

No purchase necessary to enter.
The novella Inside Out by Tiffany Christina Lewis is intended for a mature audience.
Entries must be submitted by Wednesday April 9th, 2014 in order to be valid.
Winners will be announced on Thursday April 10th, 2014 on this website as well as on Facebook and Twitter.
Winners will be notified via email.
eBooks will be available in Kindle and Nook format only.


1. What county is Oakland California in?

2. Where would you find this thing in Oakland?


3. North, South, East or West: Which is not an area of Oakland?

4. Michael is dealing with a serial killer in Inside Out. Define what makes a criminal a serial killer.

5. Warrant is such a generic word, but what, specifically, is a bench warrant?

6. How many murders were committed in Oakland in 2003? (Answer must be within 5 of the authors researched answer)

Submit your answers below!

If you would like to be mentioned in the Tweet announcing the winners please also include your Twitter username in the answers area.


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