2020 Completed Books

Hey! I decided for the first time in my life to keep a “journal” of all the books I finish this year. This includes books I re-read, Audiobooks, paperback and Kindle. They are listed in no particular order. Books Read Count: 89! A = Audiobook, R = Re-read, K = Kindle, P = Paperback 2020: […]

Book Review: Between Enzo and the Universe

Chase Connor has once again tried to make me cry happy tears with his astounding talent at writing emotional characters that are 100% realistic and storylines that don’t shy away from breaking your heart. Title: Between Enzo and the UniverseAuthor: Chase ConnorRelease: January 14, 2020Genre: Gay FictionGoodreads Link: Here Between Enzo & the Universe is […]

New Book Trailer! Stop Me

Stop Me by Michelle Jester is an adult contemporary novel coming in February of 2021! I’m happy to share the latest book trailer! Synopsis: After moving to a new city with her parents, Jeselle Parsons quickly found friends and a life full of money, power, and privilege. Even though her parents weren’t wealthy like the […]

Book Review: Savage Row

Savage Row by Britney King is a fast paced, thriller with a strong female main character and a diabolical villain. This story is about Amy Stone and her family. Jack Mooney, a career criminal, has been in prison for nearly a decade. When Mooney is granted early release, he makes Amy his first priority. As […]

Cover Reveal! Blood & Bones: Cage

I’m very excited to work with Enticing Journey Book Promotions for this wonderful cover reveal! This Contemporary MC Romance written by Jeanna St. James is expected in January of 2021. Check it out!  Blurb: When life takes a turn least expected, you better hang on tight… When an unexpected delivery lands on Cage’s doorstep, the […]

Cover Reveal! Wildling

I’m very excited to work with Enticing Journey Book Promotions for this wonderful cover reveal! This Romance Suspense written by Lynn Burke is expected in December this year. Check it out! Blurb:A wildling, Ma always called me, born of nature, feral as a fox. I made a promise to her on her deathbed to look […]

Wtf is Creativity?

A friend of mine recently shared a Twitter post with me that got me upset. I wont share it here because I don’t wanna give this tweet any power. But in short, some young punk decided it would be “funny” to retweet a short synopsis that another author shared and write a terrible poem teasing […]

Book Review: Sweet Honesty

Sweet Honesty by Lee James is a romance novel that has a plot so swirled and dynamic, it feels like a mystery, a crime novel and a love story all in one. This book is in the running for my favorite Indie book this year. Sweet Honesty is the story of Cherry Winslow and the […]

Book Review: Western Skies

This romance novel by Majken Nilsson is centered around a well built world of characters with booming personalities and circumstances that make the book hard to put down. This epic Western romance is the story of Sarah Joe. Both reeling from crippling heartache and believing that their unhappy courses are firmly set, they form an […]